Trainers - have you ever had the following thoughts?

(1) “It takes too long to build training courses and clients won’t cover the full cost course design and development. As a result I am not paid what I am worth".

(2) “I don’t enjoy developing corporate training materials. I would rather deliver engaging training courses".

(3) “I wish I could develop courseware faster. There has to be a faster way".

Which resonates the most for you?

Here's the problem! We all know that it takes time, effort, and energy to develop high quality corporate training materials. You must undertake research, develop content, design ice-breaker activities and workshop exercises, and make the courseware look professional. And this is all before you even start delivering your training courses.

Even to design a high-quality 90-minute training course can take up to a full day of your time. What is that worth at your hourly rate?

Luckily - there is a better way! Just Ninety - courseware and courses for trainers!

Our mission is to help professional trainers shorten the design curve for online course creation, by providing ready to go corporate training materials. Our courseware helps trainers to reclaim their time on designing training courses, which allows them to deliver more courses and generate more revenue. 

Our vision is to see trainers enjoying more work-life balance. These premium 90-minute courses for trainers are perfect for leveraging time and money.

Want a time management course?

Get access to a highly interactive 90-minute course on "mastering time management". This is our only course available for purchase as a single course.

Packages to support you!

Starter Pack

The "Starter Pack" gives access to five popular 90-minute courses for trainers. This is the perfect way to sample our courseware. Save yourself time in training course design with our corporate training materials.
Trainer Materials and Training Courses for Sale - Just Ninety

Trainer Library

Coming early 2023

Get access to our courseware and corporate training materials! There are plenty of 90-minute courses for trainers. Save yourself time and effort in training course design, so that you can spend more time delivering your corporate training materials.
Courseware Marketplace and Trainer Resources - Just Ninety

Trainer Community

Coming early 2023

Get access to our "Trainer Community" to help support you to market, sell and successfully more 90-minute courses for trainers. The community is packed with tips and advice!
Corporate training materials - Just Ninety

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With Just Ninety courseware

  • Spend less time designing training courses and more time delivering your corporate training materials. Just download the courseware from our courseware website.

  • Get fully designed, ready to go, 90-minute courses for trainers. All courseware comes with PowerPoint slides and trainer guides, inclusive of all ice-breaker activities, workshop exercises, and course notes.

  • Corporate training materials have been carefully designed and tested to ensure high participant engagement.

  • The courses for trainers can easily be rebranded as your own, with your logo and contact details. The format can easily be edited, if need be, to tailor for specific audience groups.

  • Corporate training materials can easily be delivered live by Zoom, Teams or other online platforms.

  • We add new 90-minute courses for trainers to the trainer library every month. Our courseware site has plenty of training courses for trainers.

Learn more about our courseware and how to access these courses for trainers by visiting our frequently asked questions section.